NEED Help with that "GUNGAME"!

In the last weeks I made a little “EGO-Shooter”. In this Game you are able use to the MG-42 from the WW2 to shot/kill some Cubes^^. I’ve added some animations and scripts to make it work like COD or Counter Strike. A Crosshair I didn’t do now but I a few weeks I’ll do that too.
My big problem/question is why does that “ammobar” when you reload not beginn or start a another time? It seems like frozen … if I press R for Reload the gun, it reloads and I can shoot but the ammobar isn’t full again.
It would be kind of you if you would help me.

Here a Link:

W - Forward
S - Backward
Mouse - Looking arround


cool man, i like your game, but something is weird
when i press W the player not going forward but, right forward
im using blender 2.66a
sorry for my bad english

Thank you, no your english isn’t so bad at all ;).
Yeah, I think I must do this in a newer Blenderversion… because mine is 2.62… And do not use a Versions.

First thing you want to do is not have your player be the gun. That makes your game really glitchy and difficult to control. (If you were making a game in which the player IS a gun, and you set up the gameplay accordingly, then it would be cool. But here, you’re going for an fps type thing, and the setup you have for that isn’t gonna work.) Set up a separate cube (what game designers call a “collision box”) to act as the player. The movement and UpDown/LeftRight actuators should go there. The gun should then be a child of the camera so that it follows the movement of the mouse.
As for reloading, you can just use message sensors/actuators to communicate between your game scene and your HUD scene.

If you’d like, I can post an example .blend file for you to see what I mean.

here ya go !



ammo count



ALL logic :smiley:


B_shot.blend (429 KB)

@MichelleSea I know what u mean and I’ll fix it. I don’t wanted to create a player model. …so I just took that machine gun to save time and work. But that was like I See the Wrong way^^
Thanks for your advices…

Ok In the next weeks I’ll upload a newer Better version… don’t forget it’s a Beta … Full of Bugs and problems and not ready at all…

Nice but… the Ammobar still doesn’t like I want it,… I was a good way to see how it works… Thank you BluePrintRandom!

Hello, as you may remember at my last post with that gun game, I improved it and I want you to test it and comment it.
Thank you.

PS: I put some nice COD- WaW sounds in it. Have fun with it!
Here the link:

Rapidshare isn’t free anymore. So all my old links won’t work.
Sorry for that, it seems like I have to use zippyshare.

Or go to

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For code, github is a reliable hosting and distribution channel.

For just regular files, dropbox is likely to suffice.