Need help With This Coffee Cup's Topology

I’ve included two screen shoots the base mesh then the mesh with subd. You can see the problems areas I have where the handle meets the mug and the bottom of the mug it’s self. Not sure how to properly fix this I’ve tried adding some edge loops around the places where the handle meets the mugs but didn’t have the desired result so I removed them.

I fixed the bottom. Apparently there wasn’t a full edge loop above the bottom edge loop.

It all looks pretty good, save for your lumpy base. Can’t tell why it’s doing that from the shot you’re showing though.

You have an n-gon below the handle.
Connect the two vertex, and put ev. a suppert-loop for the bottom.

Thanks. I caught the missing edge latter but forgot to add the bottom support loop. I put one supporting edge loop at the top but not the bottom no idea why.