Need help with trailer for new game. Pay may come depending on quality of trailer.

Right now I am in the process of preparing to open a studio for a new game. I need everyone (modelers, animators, riggers, compositors, the works) for the opening trailer of the game. E-mail me or post on the thread if you have any questions. It will be all remote work. Posting or e-mailing me your portfolio is recommended.

My e-mail is [email protected].

i can make the models for you if i get a sketch to work with.

Ok I can provide you with some sheets and some general ideas that you can work with. Right now I need 5 thrones. Each one with a different feel to it (say ones evil and ones angelic that kinda thing, or water and earth).

Here is some photos from deviant art to give you ideas. Please do not copy these exactly they are just reference.

can i get links for proper resolution?

also do you want me to make the environments too? or just the throne? (like plants, fog, details etc)

No just make the models and textured would be nice but you do not have to.
The links are:

You do not have to render it out as well you just send me the blend file and I will link it into each scene. Or you could send me it as a .obj file. w.ever you would like to do.