Need help with UV unwrapping: boxy pillar

Hi there,

I am trying to turn a very simple pillar into a game asset. I’m happy with how the shape has turned out but unfortunately I am very inexperienced with making clean UV-unwraps, resulting in things like this:

… where I tried to unwrap it like a box. Or this:

which is a simple UV-smart projection.

But as you can see neither is really ideal. I would like to have flat, nice UVs of the pillar’s sides with the test pattern going in the correct direction and not too much distortion…

If you could help a beginner out, I’d be very glad.

I should start with the squares to mark seem all around, and one seam over the length.

Basically it’s a cylinder, so you want to separate the top and bottom, taking the caps out. Without caps, a single vertical cut is sufficient for unwrapping what’s left of the cylinder. This will give you the least distorsion.
The you only need to add seams as much as you want to separate more parts from the whole… every new part is another cylinder. HTH.

Yes Like @BigRonnyV suggested or Box Project, the Seams from Islands… and then Pack Islands with a margin…