Need help with vertx painting

This is my first post. So it’s okay to treat me like a noob.

My question is post #3. There was an error when I was posting this. Next time I will make sure not to use my phone.


Is there a way to assign vertex color in edit mode
You need to be in vertex paint mode to vertex paint

I need to make the edges of a leaf plane one color.
Select only the faces you want to paint then use the ‘face select masking’ option to restrict painting just to those faces

For more complex vertex painting you can add a texture to your object and then bake that to vertex colours

You can also use a texture for your brush and use the texture and stroke options in the vertex paint options

I am just having a problem learning vertex painting. The image shows two things I need to do.

First I need to paint the whole mesh using the painting gradient reversed, which I know how to do. What I can not do is put the mesh in a wire frame mode to paint through all the planes so I do not have unpainted planes behind.

Second I need to assign specific vertex color in edit mode. I know you can select faces in vertex painting mode but I need to select vertices to paint. Just like the bottom picture in the image.

Sorry if my questioning is somewhat vague:confused:. If anyone has other tips for vertex painting they will be very welcome.
Thanks guys for your help.:slight_smile:

Richard Marklew answered but I changed my question and still need help with it. It is the post above this one.