Need help with zooming imported objects

Hi people!

I have been away from using Blender for about 6 months now, and even then I was using it just for basics. However, one of the things Ive learned back then that was very useful - now I have forgotten, and even cant find the solution online again, since the first time I solved it was just by googleing.

My problem is the following - on the picture below is a SVG imported file, the object is a simple board 12cm1cm1mm, and it is so tiny, the only way I can see it properly is by clicking NUM5 (ortho view) and zooming in a lot, and the only way to rotate around it is to View -> Lock to object -> Board OR Cursor.

My question is - how do I enlarge/upscale the object without losing its original dimensions?

I could have sworn it was by selecting object, then Object -> Transform -> Geometry to origin OR origin to geometry and the object would just “jump out” on the grid, but that does nothing :confused:
Zooming that much makes problems if I add a second object like a cube or text. Those things are then huge so there is a lot of zooming in/out and scaling of objects.


Can you not scale the SVG object up? If you have the object selected, and press [s], then it will start scaling all axes simultaneously, keeping your ratios.

I have tried that of course, but the dimensions go up with the scale.


make sure its selected then hit the full stop (period) on numberpad