need help

have got a amd turion machine with vista o/s(32)…blender not working here…nybody knows a build which can support???

Goto - they’ve got what you need.


Still can’t find it…can somebody please give a direct link…

hi, what means ‘blender not working here’ - it does not start at all, or …?

Alright, I was actually replying to your PM when the notification of this post popped up.

Okay, first things first. What version of Blender do you have, and what does it say when you try to run it? (I think you’ll need to run it from the command prompt)
(On an XP machine, this is done by
Hit Start->Run
enter CMD, <enter>
type cd C:\pr*\Bl*\Bl* <enter>
type blender <enter>
I think there’s some trick needed to get the command prompt up. Perhaps the blender folder is found somewhere else too?)

Next, what happens when you try to run the Athalon builds? From the little I know, Turions are just mobile versions of the Athalon. I’m running a celery err, a Celeron myself, and it runs stuff that’s optimized for proper Pentiums. My personal favourite build at the moment is either (12 Nov SVN build) or this one (24 Sept SVN with SSE2 optimizations)

I guess if I had your machine, I’d try this one: (Oct 18 2.45 SVN optimized for Athalon on XP)

In any case, before we can help you much more, you’re going to have to give as at least some information. (beyond what your machine is)


still can not get through…it displays the following message…

“A problem caused the program to stop working properly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

15-09-2007 10:21 <DIR> .
15-09-2007 10:21 <DIR> …
15-09-2007 09:43 <DIR> .blender
17-05-2007 11:32 6,171,136 avcodec-51.dll
17-05-2007 11:32 461,824 avformat-51.dll
17-05-2007 11:32 841,600 avutil-49.dll
15-09-2007 10:21 8,228,864 blender.exe
07-08-2007 17:37 28,659 blender.html
15-09-2007 10:21 3,178,496 blenderplayer.exe
07-08-2007 17:37 374,612 BlenderQuickStart.pdf
07-08-2007 17:37 5,836 copyright.txt
17-05-2007 11:31 15,872 gnu_gettext.dll
07-08-2007 17:37 18,327 GPL-license.txt
17-05-2007 11:33 872,448 iconv.dll
17-05-2007 11:31 224,771 libpng.dll
17-05-2007 11:31 811,085 libtiff.dll
15-09-2007 10:21 <DIR> plugins
17-05-2007 11:33 86,070 pthreadVC2.dll
07-08-2007 17:37 2,439 Python-license.txt
17-05-2007 11:30 2,109,440 python25.dll
07-08-2007 17:37 114,997
15-09-2007 09:30 422 release_245.txt
17-05-2007 11:30 225,280 SDL.dll
17-05-2007 11:32 80,954 zlib.dll
07-08-2007 17:37 65,585 zlib.pyd
21 File(s) 23,918,717 bytes
4 Dir(s) 54,869,544,960 bytes free
Compiled with Python version 2.5.
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback
Warning: could not determine argv[0] path
Checking for installed Python… No installed Python found.
Only built-in modules are available. Some scripts may not run.
Continuing happily.

After this the message quoted in the previous msg is displayed

Hey again. Cool, thanks for all the extra info. It’s just as you probably suspected - nothing to see, as in there are no further hints as to the reason for your troubles.

I’ve come up with all of about nothing after hitting google looking for Turion and Blender.

But then I had another idea. I seem to recall many others having trouble with <insert_name_here> in Vista, and a common fix is to run the program in compatibility mode.

If you right-click the short-cut icon (either on desktop or in start menu) for blender and choose properties, you should then get a new window with a tab labelled Compatibility. Try giving Windows2000 & WindowsXP modes a try. I’m certain other people have used this trick to get Blender going in Vista.

Fingers crossed…

Thanx alot Simon. But it still isn’t workin dude…anythin else u can think of???

Could thr be a problem with windows defender or somethin else…(am very new to all this so please don’t mind if the questions sound dumb or stupid…)

Not sure how true this is, but I heard that Blender and other OpenGL apps don’t run in Vista because of Aero, the 3D interface that is a crappy immitation of Beryl and Compiz. Try turning it off.

Tynach’s solution sounds like a better idea than the one I have, though I guess I should at least mention it.

If you’ve got fast internet, you could download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and then create a virtual PC and just install XP or 2000 or even a linux distro into the virtual pc. (The virtual pc exists as about 3 or 4 files and has no effect on the rest of your system.)

MS virtual PC is around about 70mb from memory, and runs at very nearly the same speed as the host computer. I’ve just checked, and the 2007 version of the program will run in vista.

It’s a little tedious, XP still takes about 45 mins to install - but it may be an option worthy of exploring. (though hopefully it doesn’t get to that)