Need ideas for my fiance

ok so my fiance was in a serious car crash and i want to make her something in blender that shows how much i love her… but idk what… i already made roses so i need something else… what ideas do you have?

hmm . . … I think you can spend some time next to her just talking. They like that. For me, I can only use blender when she’s watching the soapies … . .

trust me… im there for as long as i can, but they have visiting hrs… so i cant always be there

i figured out what i want to do… thanx… now to find tutorials lol

That’s really tough dude… I really hope she makes it through okay!

One thing she might like is a cherished memory of something with you guys, like maybe an image of the proposal or a date or something. That’s one idea!

EDIT: aw dude you posted 2 seconds before me :P. What will you be doing? Going to post it in a WIP thread?

what Dudebot13 said :smiley:

Firstly I wish her all the best.

However, thats a stupid question to ask here.
For all I care you should make her somthing coming from the heart, everything else you might as well buy a “get well card” at the gas station.
To make her something from the heart, requires to know her closely, which we don´t.
We´r useless in that case and your question is destined to get no worthy answer.

If your family is talking trash about him, there is something going on and you might just need to listen to them. Why aren’t you allowed to visit him? Why can’t you leave the state? There is more than you are telling us.

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Yes, he is gay.

What? Deleted? my post was just a joke on the grammatical mistake of the spammer.
anyways,forget it.

So, what did you come up with for an idea?

How about giving hear actual real roses, Lol.