need little help

i shelfed my platformer proj. til i can get the game engine kit.

 i started up a FPS and its goin pretty good.  Level's great but i need sum help gettin my character into it.  so i guess the qusetion is...

       1) how can i get a character from another file into the levels file to              
           start a game with it
       2) How can i set up a first person camera with the mouse contriolling 
            it (a basic FPS camera)

              if u have links to tutorials or these questions have been anwsered 
        in previous fourms than please just post that.  I know these questions
        are basic but i dont have any real training with Blender other than

I am not really sure if this is the best place to ask, a better forum might be the blender realtime game engine forum:

Kind Regards
Simno Harvey

k thnx