Need Modeled and rigged character

Hey fellow artists,
So we are a small group of dreamers who make animated short films literally on our laptops (that have the the most oldest specs :sweat_smile: )

For our new project we need a husband and wife pair which is modeled and rigged, since none of us very good at doing that. The model doesn’t need to be very much detailed. we are looking for something that resembles the character model and rig of vincent that was created by blender org.

Please keep in mind, this is not a paid work. Even we do not get paid. We just make these films for free and release it on youtube to show it only takes a creative mind to make it possible.

If you think you can help us do tell or drop us a mail at [email protected]
Thank you so much guys!

Have you thought of finding something on blendswap and adapting it you your needs? Be sure to credit the creator.

Searched but couldn’t find the right one. I am not so good at adapting or changing, you see rigging and modeling are not my strong suits.

if this is still in demand, send the concept arts to see the style you need

Show me a few drawings and maybe I can help creating and rigging is not difficult for me I used blender 6 years

So sorry for replying so late…Was a bit caught up

Here’s something close to what i think works…i imagine it to be something like the vincent guy character from blender

Thank you for replying…really sorry for replying late. I am looking for two characters…this is one of them. Can you help me?
I imagined him to be textured like vincent character from blender…you know like not much detailed hair or detailed cloth…

By the way guys, this is not a husband and wife pair like i mentioned before…its an old man and a little girl. :sweat_smile: The story changed to some extent

This rig allows you to make a wide variety of cutom characters male and female very easily.

I liked these but i would really love if i could get my characters made, cause i wrote the story around them and i am a bit concerned about the texture.

Can you help me?

Can You help in anyway?

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Following start ups to begin as well.

Blender 2.8 ok?

Oh yes. Thank you so much. :blush::blush:

I’m new in blender … I want to join in your team

Hey @Marksingh , sorry for the delay in reply. We were looking for someone who can model and rig a character. If you look at the chats you will know the girl character is being made, (and beautifully might I say). If you can, will you be able to help us making the old man character?