Need modeler for little work


i’m looking for someone who could change a small model for me and maybe add a texture.
I guess it’s just a few hours for you.

It would be great if someone could help me :slight_smile:


Did you ever get help with this?

Any more info on this?

I even rendered an animation for someone else. It took me about 20h. Still no help :frowning:

I give you an object (a person), then you move the arms, legs etc to different positions (maybe with rigging?), save it and add a simple texture. That’s all.


hello i can helpyou, skype bkrshneider addme

Any reason you didn’t do this yourself? Seems simple enough. My rigging skills are currently suspect, but I can sure texture for you.

thanks for your offers, but i already found someone.

i tried to do it myself, but all the tutorials i found were outdated. So i got stick at some point and failed.


Rigging is soo easy bro!

Maybe for you, but I tried to rig a simple door and failed. (well… simple door? A starship iris hatch actually…)