Need Nan demo please....

(Piraniac) #1

Hi there,

Does anyone have the NAN 3d sound demo, in which planes fly past the camera and you have to shoot them down? it was very simple but had a cool script for controlling the cursor with the mouse and i seem to have lost it :frowning:

i would really appreciate it if anyone does have it could they send it me at [email protected]

thanks guys


(S_W) #2

Check your mailbox…

(wes1) #3

HE S_W would you like to send it to [email protected] so that I can put it on the Download page thnx


(Piraniac) #4

Wow, S_W, thanks for the quick response! :o

The blender community never fails to amaze me :smiley:

thanks again

(joecool) #5

I’m amazed that anyone still has that. S_W, I hope you back your files up(a few times) I used to have some more obscure files like that until my crash, and even though they were backed up, they erased somehow…RRRRR!

(S_W) #6

If you want I can also send you the official demo files of the Blender releases 2.04, 2.12, 2.14 and 2.20.

Yes, I’ve made a backup of them already, but it’s always better if some more people have them :wink:

(Riskbreaker) #7

Does anyone remember that demo with the tank coming towards you and then it does cut scenes with a clown laughing (out from the tank’s hatch)

Does anyone know what i’m talking about?

It was like an automated scene (using web-plugin).