Need ONLINE GAME testers

makeing an online game, and i need some testers to see how it runs. I’m running the server for a while. Please add me on skype to organize a time to play, my name is Carlos Limon aka Cuervo1003.

MUST have 2.49 and python installed to play

client link

How yo maked a network? I’m interested in your project , because I’m making a 3rd shooter online game :stuck_out_tongue:

I pm you , you’re spanish?

Woah… That’s real cool! I tried it and I opened 2 clients on the same computer to see if it worked, and it didn’t D:… Possibly because the server is down or something? I don’t know, but I think it would be pretty awesome if you can get that up and running. I looked at the script briefly to see what was up, and I kind of understand what you are trying to do, but yours is far more advanced than my test cubes, so I only understood the basic idea, I don’t know what to add to it or how to make it better. :confused:

yea I redid Old Jims WASG and mixed it with one i made on my own. Monster helped me figure some stuff out too. Its actually very simplifyed, and the server script is only 20 lines long. I’m pretty proud of this one. This demo is just for testing i dont plan on makeing a game like this. The plan is to make an FPS deathmatch.

oh and yea the server is down. I was at work and turned off my pc. As of now i only have it set to allow 6 players. I am trying to figure out a way to open ports with python instead of doing it manually so people and just play whenever, but i dont know how. So if u want to play u have to contact me on skype.

The screenshot’s look quite interesting.
si eres espanol?

ill try it , im at a loss of things to do , i really need a project to help with.

@cuervo - I found this through a Google search:
Here’s also an example of some code:

socket.getaddrinfo("", 80, 0, 0, socket.SOL_TCP)
[(2, 1, 6, '', ('', 80)),
 (10, 1, 6, '', ('2001:888:2000:d::a2', 80, 0, 0))]

You probably found that already, but according to the link, the code example above is supposed to fetch address information for a TCP connection to, specifically using port 80. Perhaps that’s what you’re searching for (i.e. just use a port that internet browsers use, for example)?

still need online testers. skype me, my name is carlos limon aka cuervo1003

Cuervo, it appears you are looking for something called a
“dynamic network”
whereby any number of clients (n) can connect to the game.
What you must do is establish a new port for each one.
Look at WSAG3x tutorial.
I’m in the process of working it out!

still need testers

(i.e. just use a port that internet browsers use, for example)

Be careful with this. you probably want to use a high-numbered port, if the port is being used by something else it can easily mess up BOTH programs.

@curlystraw - Yeah, you’re right. I’m currently taking some CIS classes about TCP/IP and other Internet protocols, so I’ve learned about port numbers a bit. Higher ports are suggested - I think anything above 1024 should be available?

i still need help. please PM me

Trying to get this up and running. If all goes as planned this will be by far the best online template in the blender game engine, for any game type. The only thing is I can’t test without less than three players. So without help my work is at a standstill. HELP ME MAKE THIS HAPPEN .

Python can run other “programs” right?
make it run a batch file or a VBscript that will open your ports!
Sorry i can’t really tell you what the script would be because I have no idea but google is smarter than I am :slight_smile:

I’ll help, pm me.

Hey, looks great. Sent request on Skype.

Sent you a Skype request.

Python can open ports, and close them.
If you still need any help, pm me, or check my networking thread in my sig :smiley: