need pointers for rig

ok so here is the deal i have rigged the space marine i will be using for a game i am working on that will become a tutorial, so i have followed all of my books and am still having problems.

so can anyone help me with this rig tell me or show me what i am doing wrong thanks.temp.blend (1.12 MB)temp.blend (1.12 MB)

any help that can be given will be great.

to me ( but I’m the old school person, here), the “true” problem is the 67 bones Armature?!

Then you must rename your bones with meaningful and useful names, like “head” and so on; and more important, symmetric bones should have the standard L or R extension, like : “hand.L” , “hand.R” or “hand.left”, “hand.right”!

Now your problem is?..when you rotate a bone some unwanted zones of the character move along?
Well, select your character, enter “Edit mode”, select a “Vertex Group”, ex “Hand.R”, then the “Select” button, check which points are affected by the bone and “Remove” the “bad” ones!

thanks OTO, that makes sense, what i was trying to do was use the envelopes but that sys must not work as well i will go back and rebuild the rig and see from there, also will i have to assign weights to the bones?

i have never had this problem with human models but an armored model seems to me would only move certain joints and the armor would maintain its stiffness.

back to blender :slight_smile:

OTO’s correct - naming the bones are important, and you can remove vertices from the bone groups in Edit mode. In addition, you can use Weight Paint mode for a more graphical representation of the bone group information.