Need Policy Clarification and A Blender Artist

I’m a writer.
Just signed up.
Never used Blender.
Do not have time to learn it.
Need someone to build a 45-second “video” animation using Blender.
Need to know two things before continuing:

  1. Is it proper to pitch this project on this forum?
    If not, then thank you, and I shall cease and desist.

If so, then:
2. Do I just post the project details here and solicit someone to do it?


Yes, to both, although people don’t always appreciate it. Also, I’d recommend posting how much they’ll get payed for the project (good luck finding someone who will do a project without pay), and always, details, details, details. Also, learn blender, it’s worth it.

Thanks GraphiX:
Well, here goes:
I need a 45-second animation clip of two football teams on a football field lined up on the ball for a snap.
The shot is from on-field just to the left of the teams where the “camera” can see the ball and the two lines full-frame as the teams wait for the snap.
The shot can be elevated so we don’t see into the stands, but we need to know we’re on a football field.
We hear and see the quarterback calling the play.
Just before the Center snaps the ball, a defensive lineman breaks position and shouts “Stop the game!”
Then he addresses the camera for a moment before the Center picks up the ball and moves it 15 yards down the field as the camera moves along with the shot.

Anyone interested in giving me a quote on about what something like this would cost me?

Also, GraphiX:
I’m a retired lighting director and production manager in the entertainment industry. Based on what I know about the arts and film making, I will assume that anyone who builds animated films in Blender suffers the same fate as anyone who does it in real time, that is, they have to be a “visual artist” first—someone who can “see” what it is they want to reproduce in Blender. I would imagine that learning how to use Blender would be fundamentally useless to anyone who is not up to speed as a visual artist.

Your thoughts, please.