Need Python or maybe Expression help

How can I make with python or expression do:

Controller:Expression or Python:
if property A >(has greater value)property B AND Property C

Actuator:Property:Assign property near value 1

What I´m asking is how to make the controller through expression if possible
if prop:A has the bigger value then prop:B AND C then assign value 1 to prop:near

if not possible with expression then how with python can I do this

if possible both then please explain both

any help would be apriciated

You can do this with an expression. Word for word from what you said, here it is: “A>B AND C”. So if A is bigger than B, and C is true, then the actuator will fire.

what that simple anyway thank you

I just tried the way just explained

but it didn´t work as planned

I think because I linked 2 property(equal) sensors to the expression

which is equal prop:track value 0 and equal prop:lock value 1

do I have to the the expression like this:
“track==0 AND lock==1 AND A>B AND C”

oh and should the expression be linked to a ALWAYS sensor

any help would be apriciated

no you have to use

if (a>b) and (a>c):
    # it's greator here
    # it's less here