Need quick and simple solution

Hello, I need help with this kind of jewelry finishing. How crystal is perfectly arranged on it and the leaf and all is made. I want to know is there any simple and fast way of doing this? how can we align crystal properly?? and how to give that shape perfectly?

Model the necklace like laying on the ground, bind your model to a grid with MeshDeform modifier, shrinkwrap the grid to the body (trying multiple settings) or bend it with a lattice (newer got that right)…

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The Gems can be made with the extra addon,

Then geonodes to arrange, I made a quick silver outline by extracting a loop and converting to a curve,

Then as Oki said, shrinkwrap to the overall shape.

Hope that helps.


thanks that’s amazing…

Also, can you show me how to create leaf… the one apart from that crystals

@AlphaChannel what is the addon name??

Extra Objects (included in Blender)

Id model the leaf, starting with a grid, then a little proportional editing.

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thanks a lot