Need rig for first person animation

Hi! I need a first person rig, you know only the arms no need for the rest. maybe legs? up to you! He should be pretty steampunk like, he should also have a knife and small crossbow! a guard rig that has a mask on would be great too! (also it would be great if he was based on dishonered colors and dishonered graphics, since my animation is based off of the game.) I don’t know if this is asking alot, but this is my first time outsourcing for help. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

So you are not just looking for a fps rig, you are looking for steampunk style arms, maybe legs?, a knife, small xbow and a guard with a mask? also to be textured in dishonored style colors.

Correct me if im reading this wrong but sounds like you are looking for someone to create a fully textured and rigged steampunk\Dishonored style character?.