Need rigging help

My santa clause im making im having a hard time rigging it. when i rig it instead of the bones going where they supoose to be they become all wack. Does anyone have any suggestions what im doin wrong? picture is supplied

First might i say that that is one adorable and well made santa clause model you have there :smiley:

It appears you are having problems with weight painting.
When you apply bones with automatic weights, Blender tries to guess what is suppose to move with the bone and by how much. Sometimes it does a great job… sometimes… not so much.

Often times you will get this tug of war problem where one bones says “i have these vertices,” and the other bones say the same. So when you pull them they will stretch and bend in weird ways and not follow the bone correctly.
I believe the technical term was “double transforms”

But anyway, you would just have to re-weight paint it. Which may sound a little scary, but if you start with a quite literal approach and then work from that it’s easier. (For example, the thigh bones you could select the thigh for that leg in edit mode and give them all 100% influence, and then 100% on the shin part. and what not… then later on soften up the edges if needed. And you want to be sure not vertex isn’t assigned to a bone.

Here’s a video of David ward doing some weight painting if you want some help (:

I would say to skip straight to 15 minutes and 30 seconds if you just want to see his shpeal about weight painting. (: