Need sample multiple-root BVH file

Hey all,
I am working on a specialized BVH export script, and as it is exporting the location of empties, rather than an armature, I need it to create a multiple-root BVH file. I have been searching for an existing one to cross-reference my output against, with no luck. All I find so far is a single-root hierarchies, and I am not even sure Blender’s BVH importer can handle multiple-root BVH files. If any of you have one as a sample, or some previous experience with multiple-root BVH I/O, any input is greatly appreciated!

(sorry, not sure if this is best here or off-topic)

I wondered this when writing the importer, and still dont know since Iv never seen a multi root bvh - usually in this case people use a dummy root.

Thanks Ideasman42!

I am glad to know I’m not the only scratching their head when it comes to multi-root BVH’s- I find references to their existence, but never an example to dissect. I will do my homework on dummy root nodes and see what I can come up with- and I will make sure to share any info or (working) multi-root samples I run across with you. Thanks again!