Need Short Film Idea

I would really like anyone to post ideas for a short film with this character

Any ideas are welcome. I just need ideas to get me started.


Depends on how long you want the film to go on for, but these ideas have a 30 second - 2 minute vibe to them.

~Cecilia hears something trapped in a large wooden barrel. She struggles to get it, but when she does, she finds that it is a kitten. It could finish with the cat grasping on her head or her holding it in her arms.

~Whilst sitting down and reading a book, the wind keeps gusting up and flipping the pages. Cecilia struggles to find a position where this rogue gust won’t make her lose her place.

~Cecilia explores the confines of her video space. Runs against the edges of the embedded film, watches the playhead move on, etc.

~Whilst exploring, she discovers a selection of strange fungi, Alice in Wonderland style. She tries a few with some strange side effects.

~After an exhausting day, Celcelia comes home and spies the couch. With great flourish and much-to-do she leaps up into the air and looks like the happiest person in the world as she and the couch collide. She instantly falls asleep, in a very undignified bundle.

Think of a strong feeling you want the audience to feel, and then try to come up with something that could happen to her that would make her feel that way :slight_smile: Good luck!

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This one has merit - look forward to the finished project!

Thanks everyone for your ideas.

@Lushmoss Your last idea has made my mind explode with things to add on to it. Thanks

I have to agree with @kbot about the idea

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@GustavN I’ve got a few ideas of the characteristics of Cecelia. Good Luck on your new site btw

Well, it’s Saint Patrick’s day in the US, so thoughts here turn to drinking green beer.

Cecelia looks like she could easily be Irish: freckles, green eyes… And she’s wearing what might be a green apron – waitress in a pub, serving mugs of beer to the patrons. Of course, then you’ll need other characters.

If she is going to be the only character, give her something to do that is inherently solitary: Birdwatching, Writing a Novel, Standing Guard over something or someplace, stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, searching the attic for a lost whatever, getting ready for – a date; her friend to arrive for dinner; her takeoff to Mars; her first public speech…

Or have her debate Post Pandemic Girl about mankind’s future. Seems like they might be on the opposite sides of that question.

I like the pub idea, if there aren’t any patrons then why? It probably has something to do with the little green men? I was thinking she was going to be bored waiting for customers in an empty pub, but she seems such a happy character. Perhaps she’s serving little thimbles of beer for the little people and trying to catch a glimpse of them as they grab their beers? Of course they’re too quick for her… at least until after they’ve had a few.

Hey I’m more on military, scifi and horror. Which category do you like?

With that Cecillia character, you could create a story about a girl who is trying to find his lost cat in a strange town, which is accidentally trapped in the cargo inside the cargo ship. And then, here goes her adventure. She then travels with a boat through a challenging journey filled with storms in the sea, pirates along the way, sharks and all bunch of horrifying stuff in the ocean. After that long journey, she finally arrives to that strange city. Her first mission is not to find the cargo, but she has to survive in that strange town. She then searches a place to live, food, clothes and many more.

How about her being a racer? say she is a normal farm girl who is shy and calm; but underneath when she is behind the wheels she is a whole different person; she started driving on their farm first with the tractor then with their pickup truck.
She goes to school with the truck. One day her father comes back with a beast; something like a challenger and she sees it; she goes crazy “i love you pa” but she get that parental warning “not to drive the car”…but still at night she just slips out and sits on/in it. until one day a storm hits the farm and she had to get into the car and drive and maneuver the reck that is falling…
*imagination now has to cool down
So what do you think? not much racing stuff out there so I think it would awesome…

I have many, many ideas. If you really want to hear them, please tell me. Otherwise, I’d like to save them for later.


this seems awesome

Making a short film meant that your work would get projected in theaters before the feature presentation.But that trend ended. The short film was replaced by trailers and advertisements.In the decades that followed, there wasn’t much of a market for short films. It was almost impossible to make money with a short film. As a result, finding investors to back a short was super challenging.While I can’t say that the economics of short movie making has improved dramatically, the emergence of crowdfunding, festivals and internet based video platforms offers hope.But regardless, you’re a filmmaker. And making a short film is a great training ground for getting your feature made, seen and sold.

If you are developing some short film ideas and are planning on making a film for the 10 minute audience, then you should generally steer clear of incorporating too much dialogue into your screenplay. Traditionally short film honours and awards go to those that use visual storytelling to communicate their intention, not pontificating from the protagonists.