Need Smoothing/ Blending Adivce

Hi, I need some help smoothing out some surfaces.

As you can see the trigger and hammer on the pistol aren’t blending in well; how can I make them fit in?


Hi, I’m modeling a hand gun and I need help fixing some shapes.

Ok; what the hell is going on with the holes in the trigger?? How can I fix this? I made them by, I first put ring cuts and knife cuts, then I traced the holes, selected the face, deleted it, and then extruded the inner sides together.


Don’t be sloppy! Get rid of those n-gons (faces with > 4 edges). Use a nice quad topology for best subdivision results and edge loops around holes will enable better edge control

There are no continuous face loops following the edges, supporting the form for subdivision.

Here’s an easy way you can make that for the hammer.

Left column: original
Middle column:

  • if the faces are planar, select one face and press ctrl+alt+shift+F to select the rest (or shift+G -> co-planar)
  • press i to inset, and while insetting, B to exclude boundary
    Face loops shown in green color after subdivision. Could also add loop cuts (ctrl+R) inside the hole and on the outside surface.

No wireframe nor a .blend file to comment on the trigger.

Edit: right, threads merged and the trigger part was already commented on. Also examples shown here apply to trigger too.

Thanks for the info! The info you provided is used for only sharpness right?

My trigger and hammer look like I’ve just copy pasted the two one the main gun; how do I make it look like it’s part of the gun itself? Like it’s growing out of the gun and it’s not just glued to it. Here I’ve manipulated a Plane into a hammer; I’m guessing to make it look like how I what it to be I would have to extrude the back of the gun and manipulate that into a hammer.

Here’s the blend file: M1911 projekt Share #1.blend (408 KB)

edit: I’ll check the videos you’ve posted

Hummmm ok. How would I use quad topology? I know nothing about it, I haven’t even heard of it before… Can you give me a short explanation for how to use it?


How would I use quad topology?
Quad = Face with 4 sides. You have faces with up to 17 sides

K = knife tool
J = splits a face between 2 selected vertices
F = joins 2 selected adjacent triangles to make a quad

Couple of tutorials about subdivision surface

Your hammer verts are not connected to the body of the gun. That’s why the hammer looks like it is pasted in place: in effect, it is. To get a smooth transition between the gun and the hammer, you should connect the base of the hammer to the back of the slide, then add some edge loops to get a somewhat sharper transition that the one subsurf will initially produce.

It might be more realistic, though, if you cut a slot in the slide and insert the hammer.

The main reason is to keep poles away from the edges which would cause distortion with subsurf. (Poles are vertices with 3, 5, or more than 5 edges connected to them).

QUADS on curved surfaces and corners.
TRIS on flat surfaces, although make sure you have supporting loops around details to prevent any anomalies.

Don’t be sloppy though, triangle or no triangle -make sure there aren’t n-gons.

Muhahahaha I’ve done it!!

Look at’em! Beautiful, perfect holes! Thanks to everyone for the help; couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Another problem has come up…

See the pointy edges on top and below the trigger, how can I make them smooth? I added some loop cuts and experimented with the Knife tool but nothing really helped.

Here’s the blend file if you need it:M1911 projekt in process… work on trigger new #4.blend (423 KB)

You’ve got a few n-gons that are screwing up your shading. Clean those up into quads. Also if you’re adding more edge loops to define sharper edges, move them closer to that edge.

I still don’t know what n-gons are, what are they?

Faces with more than 4 edges/vertices. Select menu -> select faces by sides, F6, greater than 4.

Huehuehue thanks.