Need some addon to blender 2.53

in 3DS MAX has 5 selection function
1 Vertex
2 Edge
3 Face
4 Poligons
5 Element

in Blender onli 3
1 Vertex
2 Edge
3 Face

I need Element selection function in Blender in “Edit Mode”

I do not understand your wish:
In edit_mode there are a lot of selection-functions.
Alt RMB , Shift ALT RMP, C, (A if needed and than) B , ring -selections …

I understand what you mean. For element selection, do one of two things, either drag the mouse over the vertices you need to select and press L or select one vertex and press CTRL+L.

big thanks :yes:

Select and Ctrl L works, nice to know (= thanks)

dragging with the mouse over ???
In SVN 31223 I have to use the C first (adjusting eventually the circle with the mouswheel) and then dragging over vertices works. Did you mean that?

  1. Go in Edit Mode
  2. Over mouse over a vertice
  3. Press L

Keyboard C is for painting selections.

This description works indeed, ok

My friend has made for me a plug-in.
this plagin can copy and past mesh like a Ctrl+C Ctrl+V in Windows
It is function it is convenient for carry of models between various projects
Excuse for my bad English

if it intresting i can give this addon

Do you ever used ‘Append’ (in the file menu)?

yes to append stuff from other .blend files

blender 2.53
addon copy\paste mesh
crtl+c copy
ctrl+shift+V past
add this addon in propertis

More simple:
Object mode
Drag from Outliner to 3D Wiew the object that you want copy.


?? not in blender 2.53?

Does in mine