Need some advice for new gaming + blender GPU

Hi all,

i would appreciate if you could answer me the following. Even though it’s a bad time to buy a new gpu right now (thanks to the annoying crypto mining), I need one… Sofar, I was always going for Radeon, was fine for gaming… Also, I’m gaming a lot (i have no life, don’t ask :wink: )…

But I’m now also starting a life as indie dev, and my blender skills increase, I definitly need a gpu that enables me gpu rendering / baking (mostly baking !) in blender, so if I understand this correctly, Radeon/AMD is no longer an Option and I need to go to NVidia (I don’t mind at all, as long as it works). Besides the speed in blender, the cooling of my cpu is obviously not good enough, baking is driving it into critical heat, so one more reason to switch, can’t afford new cpu/mainboard right now.

Due to the current price situation, I can only afford a medium card (rather exchange that again in 2 years when my finances getting better). Please tell me, if the card linked below is suitable for Blender GPU rendering ? (Website is german, I hope that’s still ok to argue about the card). I’m not sure, what is mandatory needed in a card to make it work for the blender purpose

6Gb MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6g Activ PCIe 3.0 x 16

Thank you in advance for responses :slight_smile:

Best regards


Btw, on a side note, currently I have a Radeon R9 280x with 3GB in my machine… I tried baking in OpenCL, but that doesn’t work, I only get black faces… CPU baking works, but it’s about 20x slower… So, even if my card seems to have OpenCL, it seems to have a problem with Blender… For gaming, it’s still sufficient, but Blender is now more important to me…

Just make sure power supply requirements are up to par for what all you have in your system already and add in the gpu requirements and make sure it isn’t higher than what your power supply currently can handle. Seen many under powered cards run like a slug or even fry just cause the power supply was not correct for the system power requirements. But as for the card being capable of doing the job I would say yes it could handle it. I still can’t believe how much the 1070’s are going for and it is an older card at this point. I was going to get a second one for my desktop not that I need to but because it is always nice having that extra ram to help with large scene renders.

I have a 600 watt power source, i never had shortages before, i don’t think that’s the issue… I’ve seen a bug report for blender that was completly my issue, but it was closed before being observed because the reporter didn’t wanted to provide his oh-so-secret blenderfile.

Thought about making a bug report too, but I’m a newbie, not sure if I should, there is a good chance I might be doing something wrong :wink:

Thanks for your reply though… I search the web this afternoon, and it seems more people are using this card in blender, and it’s definitly faster than my current one… I think I just going to risk it.