Need some critique before rigging character

Hello everyone, this is the character I just completed :slight_smile:
I was looking for some constructive critique before I start rigging this model :slight_smile:

I worked for over a week to finish this character :slight_smile:
Heโ€™s from a totally different world, so I made the armour materials deliberately unrealistic :slight_smile:


pretty good, but i would say wrap the cape around him a bit more, from the back view he looks amazingly fat :wink:

haha! now that I look on it, youโ€™re right :slight_smile: Even with a cloth modifier, it wouldnโ€™t work. thanks! :smiley:

try shrinkwrap maybe?

did you mean shrinkwrap for the cape?

yes. you could use a bunch, all in the modifier stack, with different strengths, and different vertex groups, maybe?

Iโ€™ll try it and get back to you :slight_smile:

It would be nice to see some wireframes of the face.

I think that you need to work more on the texturing. With the current texure it seems that it lacks definition. (Maybe youโ€™ve gone overboard with sss)