Need some direction, please help.

The tutorial I have been following:

I have come to the part where the ball drops down and starts bouncing in the box.

I would like for the box to be transparent and the ability to move in game, in first person view, within and outside the box (while the ball still bounces inside of it). Also the ability to “catch” the bouncing ball with a mouse click and drag it, throw it, place it anywhere in the box, where upon release it would be overtaken by the laws of the game engine (gravity etc) and continue bouncing.

I would also like to know of a way to get all of that into a stand alone (with a just a menu to start and option to quit).

I realize that I might be asking alot, but if there is anyone out there who is a blender game engine “blackbelt” and could instruct me on how to acomplish this or (even better) email me an example of something like this, It would really round things up for me. Thank you.

Can someone at least tell me how to implement free movement, in game?

Please, give me anything that could help, I would really appreciate it.


what most people needs in this forum it’s a tutorial on
“How to ask questions about the game engine” :slight_smile:

Anyway you’re asking too much, I guess.
The Blender game engine is quite limited
Start to download the official demos and some users demos too
They will show to you most of the functions and what you can do
with the game engine
Practice a lot
Then maybe you’ll find some new tricks
And…be kind to share them with us :slight_smile:

Now, at least, what is to you “free movement”?
Bye and keep blending

All of your requests could probably be accomplished by python, but I don’t know python, so don’t ask me how.

Yes, but even though blender doesnt house some state of the art game engine, it should be able to pull off everything I stated, othervise it would be quite useless. I mean the things I was talking about are not that complicated, looking from a perspective of what a “game engine” should be able to do. Also what I meant when I said free movement is: To be able to move in first person view, in game, in every direction. Thank you for the reply though, I appreciate it.

Hello again

Now, you’re a bit more precise.
You’re looking for a way to move in the game engine?!
In first person view?
Well just select the camera and add let’s say a Keyboard Sensor ( up arrow key)
linked to AND and a Motion Actuator with 0.10 in the middle dLoc
Your view is moving, right?

But I guess that you want a Quake style View/player
Well, that’s much more complicated
Luckily some talented people have made some scripts and kindly shared them with us
Here’s one made by z3r0 d
Check it with attention

Thank you OTO, that got me on the right track.

Now, how about telling me how to make an object transparent in the game engine.

select the object you want to make transparent.

gointo face select mode (f-key)

in the button window go to the edit mode tab(F9)

look for the box that says “invisible”, and click it

if you want to make all the faces of that object invisible click the “copy draw mode” button

and there you go

Transparency and invisibility are not the same thing. I want transparency, but still thank you for showing me how to make something invisible.