Need some help cleaning up my first blender model


New to blender, tackling a car and kind of following Chris Plush’s car tutorial (my verts seem to have a mind of their own snapping to the guide mesh in places). So yeah, you can see the result is a bit lumpy. I would appreciate suggestions for cleaning up the topology I have, if it’s enough geometry or not, etc.

I’m keeping the poly count low as this is for real-time rendering and the tires and interior are going to just about triple the total. Thanks for looking!

I can’t tell a whole lot from just the one image, but one thing that does stick out is the number of triangles you have. Triangles will often create lumps. Maybe that’s part of your problem.

Thanks! How does one transition edges without triangles?


by the newb status (only one upload per post)

That’s actually a big question. It would be hard for me to give you good advice just by writing about it.

I’ve marked a couple of places (in red) where you can simply delete an edge to create a quad. I’ve added a couple of yellow dotted lines indicating that you can connect two vertices to create a new line that enables you to delete a triangle edge.

My recommendation would be to search for YouTube videos that cover topology. Once you see somebody do it a couple times, you’ll start to get the feel for it.

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Thanks very much, I appreciate the help!

Usually supporting loops are used instead of triangles

Thanks for your input!