Need some help for "Bone Weight Copy" and at seperating bones


so im not really deep into blender, just running it in order to convert a model from an unreal engine game into another format.

therefore im following this tutorial:

please note that the author wanted me to install blender 2.49b/2.492.

well it all went ok though when importing the PSK file into 3ds max i had to reassign all textures and transparency TGAs.

now im stuck at the section in which one i have to apply blender.
i need to solve the following questions:

  1. the transparency looks 100% perfect in 3ds max but when importing the model into blender the textures in question (hair, eyelids which should have some completly transparent parts) just became semitransparent at the places which should be transparent. is this just some kind of visual help by blender or was something messed up when i imported the SMG file? in 3ds max i filled the opacity slot with the alpha-tga which came with the model.

  2. luckly my model does not have the joint problem described in the tutorial. but i ran into a problem with the “Bone Weight Copy” step. the script runs fine but after deleting the smg-model im left with the obj-model and its skeleton/joints. when i try to move a body part in pose mode, i can only move the skeleton but the meshes/model is disconnected from it. how can i fix this?

  3. next problem is the reduction of the bone weight. the tutorial isnt really clear on that one. why should i work on the mesh when its about splitting the bone joints (thats how i understand it)? unfortunately i succeed at neither; id need a more understandable instruction set for this.

thank you very much for your effort.

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