Need some help from Unix or Mac User

Hi, I have made, some time ago this script:

This script work perfectly with Win 7 64 bit, but there is 2 user (1 mac user and 1 Unix user) that have a crash with this script.
Here the error message:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x088a60c2 in rna_idproperty_ui ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x088a60c2 in rna_idproperty_ui ()
#1  0x088a6225 in RNA_property_float_ui_range ()
#2  0x08784f04 in ui_set_but_soft_range ()
#3  0x08786aa0 in ui_check_but ()
#4  0x087bb6d8 in ui_apply_button ()
#5  0x087bbf04 in ui_numedit_apply ()
#6  0x087c0630 in ui_do_but_NUM ()
#7  0x087c428e in ui_do_button ()
#8  0x087c555f in ui_handle_button_event ()
#9  0x087c7197 in ui_handler_region_menu ()
#10 0x0856d5f1 in wm_handlers_do ()
#11 0x0856df67 in wm_event_do_handlers ()
#12 0x08561bc8 in WM_main ()
#13 0x085601de in main ()

I can not replicate the error, so I need some one (with unix or mac) that can test it.

there is a zip file with the script and the files for import (2 Mbyte)
Copy the script in the script folder and the other two files in a diretcory where you want.

Run the script, and select one of the 2 files, then move the mouse on the panel of the script (is in the Tool shelf). I need to know if Blender crash or not.
Need rev. of Blender, OS, and full path where you have copied the two files.

Thanks for the collaboration.


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