Need some Help with Textures

I have UV Wrapped the model, Added texture etc, but once i go into the texture mode with the 3D model it doesnt show…

is there a way to fix this?

You need to select the texture node in the node editor and it should work
Open the node editor => Select the material => select the texture node => done

Did what you told me, nothing happened.

Make sure you have assigned the texture to the UV coordinates if you havent already.

I just put the picture in, so i guess i havent… how do i do that?:slight_smile:

Usually blender does it automatically, if not just connect a Texture Coordinate node to the texture, like this:

you can find it under input => Texture Coordinate

Looking at the picture right now i see you didn’t make the material, it’s just a white diffuse material, check “use nodes” under surface tab and then in the node editor (like how i did on my screenshot) or in the material panel add a texture in the color input of the material.

Probably you did it the way you do it in Blender Internal render engine, but with cycles is different, check out some texturing tutorials if you want :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! I remembered a tutorial i did a while ago when i saw your picture! haha :smiley:

But it finally got as i wanted it! :slight_smile: I was infact following a tutorial, but when i didnt see he didnt do any steps to make it happen like that, I got pretty much confused! wich is why i had to ask here for help, haha:)