need some help

hey i already modelled a cat and it looked pretty nice but i wanted to model a cat again (only a bit complicator) but for some reason it wont look good
there are a few lines in the model (smooth button is already one) and the feets wont look good
this is a picture of the model

i want to model a cat like this (like happy from fairy tail :stuck_out_tongue: but a bit diffrent colors )
this is how happy looks like

wire please.

cats don’t have feet like that… they have paws… they need to be much rounder.
the body looks way too flat from the side, too

i meant paws of course :stuck_out_tongue:
this is the wire.

Without seeing the model myself, i can only say it looks like you have some unattached part of the geometry in the location the “lines” appear on the model in your 1st post.
Select the vertices corresponding to those unattached parts and merge them, then CTRL+N to recalculate the normals.

nekotest2.blend (144 KB)maybe its better to upload the model this is the cat model

I gave a look, it was in fact lots of vertices that were in the same location i removed most of them by a remove double, then merged the ones that were very close to each other and were responsible of the “lines” you saw on your model.
I recalculated the normals once finished.

Attached is what it looks now (i put your original model with the problem on another layer so you can compare)

hey can anyone tell me how to make nice paws for a cat ? i like to make a nice model but i dont know how i should do the paws so i hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:

Give the paws your best shot; as in try for at least an hour. Post your progress and I will help you refine your work. It is easier to teach someone when I know what they are lacking. PM me when done. :slight_smile: