Need some inspiration!

Hello to you all! My name is Hunter, otherwise known as Falon. I have just joined this site in hopes of getting my name and artwork out there. I have worked with blender for about…the past four months. Still learning a few things, but over all my skills are greatly improving everyday. I simply just need something to make! I can focus on something small, like a rock or tree; or, you can also send me a big project! Keep in mind however, I am still a junior in High school. Worse part of that is, I can only use blender during the week days and during class. Currently in a course to teach me to be a game designer. So I thank you for your time, and let’s see if we can get some projects for me to try out?:spin:

do you use the BGE>? if you do there are alot of things to put ur mind to : check the team projects forum and it will get you busy, that’s one/ otherwise try to model a car or airplane, or something like that, anything that interests you.