Need some sort of offline file indexing CMS with network support.... any ideas?

I have no idea what I am looking for, that makes it hard to google for. Here are the requirements:

I´ve got a few hundred HDDs with PAL and 1080p footage, AVID and AE projects, DVD´s, images, PSDs and photos in a climated room for storage. And even more CD-R and DVD-R.
Now if you need something you´re screwed.

The idea would be some sort of CMS that can index the HDDs and optical storage devices and store the TOC with a label, label the HDD and put it in storage.
It would be grand if the “database” would be some kind of intranet webserver, so everyone in the studio can access it, search for a filename, or date or whatever and the software tells you on which disk you´d find it.

Prefereably FOSS or at least Freeware.

Any ideas?

The classification of software your looking for is asset management; if it were all immediately accessible, it’d be digital asset management. Off the top of my head, I’m not aware of anything that matches the exact requirements you’re looking for. However, you could probably build something usable using LibreOffice Base (it’s a bit like MS Access).

Aye. Thanks that´s what I was looking for. I didn´t even know what searchterm to use in german.
I tried with CMS but that´s not really what I wanted.

A quick search gave me:

Both seem to fit my requirements. I´ll relay it to our media director to look at them :wink: