need some walking pedestrians

Well for the future transport also in this forum.
We need someone who is able to create some walking people some pedestrians on some streets.

The people dont need to be high res, some mid level is enough.
Your willing to share the model if its your own, as the model will go public,
Or feel free to use blend swap, or makehuman. (we cannt use copyrighted paid stuff)
Its just i dont know rigging, and am not good in animating people.

In the end it will be all cycles, a future concept video about 7 minutes.
As it will be rendered by a renderfarm who will support us !!!.

Maybe multiple people walking (just using different cloth texture, or using cycles object random as color node input)

If it all sounds to easy for you well we could also use some animating of a person getting in the vehicle or leaving the vehicle, but if thats to much dont worry, walking people is most important

Well i have 3 Characters from a unfinished project. maybe they are somehow helpful for your project. i included all the textures. the AO and Diffuse are seperate, so if you dont want the AO just disable the texture. However it’s currently set to BI Render. All 3 Characters are rigged but i only did an example animation for the first one. It’s all far from perfect, but maybe they are good enough for what you need?
The Animation follows the path, so you just have to adjust the curve.
The Brands on the clothing are very blurry so you wont get any trouble, because of license.
All Textures, Animations, Rig, Modeling were done by myself, about 1 year ago, and i offer it here for free use. (CC0)

Well thats sounds great, i have a script to convert textures from BI to Cycles at home.
And you made it that they follow a path; i am amazad, thats supper !!!, so they can walk on curved streets.
Brands on clothing is fine, it’s just that if had bought 3d models we wouldnt have the free renderfarm support

I dont know what AO mean, i’m a noob regarding to human animations; its a thing i have planned to do but havent got time for it.
If you like to create a leaving the house getting into the vehicle short animation part, let me know.
If you dont have time for thats its okay too; this evening i’ll send you more info and a street scene.

Oh sorry. AO = Ambient Occlusion. it’s a render pass. in short words: it calculates the shadows based on the geometry and i baked it to a seperate texture to save some render time.
Here is an Example of a work in progress from wolfire (i guess it’s for the indie title overgrowth)
So first is blank, second is the Ambient occlusion texture and third is the diffuse multiplied with the AO:

So it’s just a texture and has nothing to do with animating. i hope this explains it a bit :-).

Aha ok, yeah i’ve heard about baking textures but never done it :slight_smile:
Maybe its not even bad to still use in cycles ?; i know a script to converet textures from BI to Cycles.

I checked your link, it loaded in blender, but didnt see textures so ??.. i dont know
(did you include them in the blend file, or else they are references to your disk).

Would you like to put some people in for the alternative transport ?, once streets are done.
I wrote you before that we now got (free) support from a render farm, but i had some mail system trouble here and got no response

PS in the street.blend added to alternative transport; i used a random color for the bike colors, perhaps an idea for coat / jacket collors mixing in cycles with your texture ?