Need someone more experienced to look over my project

I was hoping that someone with more blender experience wouldn’t mind looking over my project and correcting any issues that they find incorrect or that could easily be done better. It’s not an overly complex animation. There is a material that needs to look better and I’m sure there are a few other minor issues that I’m unaware of.

Can you post the project?

I’ve tried uploading it three times and it gets to 100% and then logs me out of the site. It’s a large blend file at 46mb. I’ll keep trying. If you don’t mind downloading from a dropbox I can do that too.

Okay it turns out that the max file size for blend file uploads is 15mb and I’m over double that. I went ahead and uploaded it to a temporary shared drop box folder.

Try uploading it to and post the download link.

I was able to cut down on the size by removing a lot of unused textures. I’m sure I could get the size smaller if I could figure out how delete all unused materials. I want to put a third scene (planet+asteroid field using blender render) that I’ve made outside of the window but every time I try to it comes out wrong in the compositor so I’ve deleted the scene from the blend file for now.

Here’s the link.

First let me say nice work. Its really an impressive animation. Did you get inspiration from Andrew Price’s space corridor tutorial? If not you should look into it. Also can you post any rendered images of the areas you think need fixing. My computer by itself isnt powerful enough to render without taking forever, so im unable to get a good sense of textures, materials, and lighting. I would alter the path of the camera slightly but that us just personal opinion. Overall nice job.

The base corridor was a mix of following Andrew’s tutorial and some from blendswap. The part I’m having the most trouble with is the material/texture of the scene. I did a few hours of cleanup on the volumetric side but I can recreate that easily enough. I’ve uploaded a 20 pass 720p ultra noisy fast render of the entire scene.

-I can’t figure out why the environment is emitting light outside of the hallway. There shouldn’t be a lot of light coming in the window and hallway ends but I can’t figure out how to stop it.

-Any help with the camera would be much appreciated as it seems to be really difficult to get it right

-The material for the box panels is called graywallmetal (the walls are graywallmetal.002). They just don’t seem to look right. Any helkp with that would be welcome too

-Why is the background outside of the window black? I have no world nodes or setup for neither the cycles scene nor the blender render scene. I would like that to render as alpha so that I can mask a third scene to the alpha somehow.

Any tips for reducing noise in this scene? I have to go up to around 5k passes to get it completely noiseless. I figure 1-1.2k will be the sweet spot.

EDIT: Ignore the volumetric lighting for the door completely. I’ve fixed that. They weren’t synced between the scenes.

You are flying the camera past a whole lot of static geometry. I think you could get faster results by making textures out of the wall panels (or at least those smaller panels with all the gizmos and wiring) and applying those textures to a flat surface. Impressive modeling, but as it stands it might take you a year to render a minute of animation in cycles without noise artifacts.

1.To get rid of the light coming from the exterior, go to the world setting and click new.

2.As far as the camera goes, i would either slow down the pace going down the hall, or reduce the turning and looking of the camera as its alot of movement and sort of gives a dizziness to the view, and would also not snap the view away from the window as quickly after looking out into space (just my personal opinion)

  1. Im sort of confused on which of the materials you want to change.

  2. After adding the new world, the background renders as alpha, or at least on the file you posted on pasteall

5.As for nois, its mainly about how you light the scene. I suggest you read this I think it will help you sort out your problem. Because at 5K passes youll be rendering forever

I’m really excited to be talking with other people who use blender. Thanks for helping me out guys.

Adding a new ‘world’ to the scene did remove the external emit but it didn’t remove the black background in Cycles. I even tried removing the surface, unchecking each ray visibility, and creating a world in the 2nd scene. The black background still persists.

As for the material here is a much less noisy render of the scene before adding the window and a few other little things. The doors that open and the boxes with the glowing lights (mainly yellow on the first hall section and green on the second). Their main material is named graywallmetal . It just doesn’t look right when rendered well.

I’ve seen that article a few times and I understand some of it. For this scene I assume that removing the glass from the lighting boxes and the glass from the floor would reduce the noise a lot. I set my bounces under light paths to 16max and 4min. It seems to be a sweet spot for the noise vs performance but I see a lot of people setting that to really low values in tutorials like 2max 1min.

I have a third blender render scene that I would like to put outside of the window. Once I get the alpha displaying in cycles again I assume I’ll be able to somehow get the third scene to render outside of the window. When I try to pull the third scene into this one and add them in the compositor I can’t get it to work. Another poster linked to a scene that suggested masking. Any advice on this as I can’t seem to figure out how to mask the third scene in the compositor. I can upload a third blend file with the third scene in it if that helps at all.

Thanks again guys. After playing with blender off and on for a year I finally came to the forums and I’m blown away by how helpful this community is.

Glad to hear youre back using blender, yes if you could go ahead and put up a blend with the third scene it would be helpful. Ill see what i can do about the materials. And fixing the black window area.

Ok i now know which sections of material you’re talking about. What is the look you’re wanting to get?

Here is the third scene. Unfinished obviously. I can’t get the planet to show up behind the window. . I did try to use a compositor mix and add node but both of them superimposed the images together.

The material look that I want to get is space station interior but a little less sterile and more sci-fi than the existing ISS. More metalic. Right now it looks more like cement than metal.

Edit: I think my other post has been lost. Here is the third scene

Edit2: Maybe something like the walls in this picture but less white/sterile

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