need something like a softbody that doesnt deform to work on a conveyor belt


I’m new to physics in bender, and I have a simple question about softbody.

In my scene I have a cube and a plane.

The plane moves like a conveyor belt along x from left to right.

I would like the cube to fall on to the plane and then stick to it and move with it until the plane tilts and it is dumped out.

The cube is supposed to be a box and every time I use soft body it makes the box resemble more of a jello cube.

I don’t really see anything else in the physics tab other than soft body that makes the object react to gravity/collisions.
So maybe I’m missing something

Any ides on what would be the best way to set up physics for boxes and conveyor system?


The game engine would be ideal for that kind of simulation. You can record the movement to an IPO curve and use that to render it as an animation.

Change from Blender Render to Blender Game and have a look in the Physics panel. Use Game -> Record Animation to create the animation keyframes.

Sounds exciting, and very useful! Thanks organic