Need sugestions

I want to model the plume part on a coat of arms (the part that comes out of the helm and is useually very extravagant) but I would also like some suggestions on the best was to do that. If anyone knows of maybe a tutorial or a very simple explanation that would be helpful as well. I have posted a pic of what I mean and thanks for the help.


I watched a logo tutorial not to long ago for blender.
I don’t have the link, but I think it was linked from
after you have the outline of each feature such as the shield, the helmet, the feathers (on which would be a series of planes independent from each other), subdivide then translate interior vertex (?vertices?) up along the z axis for an embossed look is my guess.

ok thank you. what i really wanted to know is how to get the plume to curl like that sorry that I was not specific but the tutorial you suggested is good to know and will look it up.

make the plume as a subdivided plane.
select verts in top view starting from an outer edge.
switch viewport to a side view of the plane, use left/right arrow keys to get the view of the plane away from looking down the the one axis.
rotate and grab the selected verts the selecting fewer and fewer verts while continuing the rotate and grab process until no verts are selected.
thats my guess.

Here is quick example: You just trace back plume, white part, with mesh over a background image right? Top view here. When you come to plume geometry that is starting to curl out, just extrude the edge in Z direction. The edge I went out of XY plane is marked yellow. Than mesh over the red part of image using extrusion on XY plane from there on. Subsurf them and it should look fine.


Thank you that makes some sense. I will try that would you mind makeing a mini tut on that so that I can see more in depth of what you are saying? Thanks again