Need suggestion on my short film "The Passenger Bus"

Hello Everyone,

My Name is Sunny, and about 3 months ago I started learning Blender. I am working on my 7 minutes short film, the title is “The Passenger Bus”. I am inspired by Chris Jones film “The Passenger” and this short film is totally remake of this Short Film. Chris Jones is a great Animator no doubt. I am just his big fan wants to follow my teacher or guru you can say. As you know he created this film in 8 years, and I wanted to challenge myself If I can make it within 1 year.

Total are 10k frames, If I render on cycle, each frame takes 20-25 minutes. So total It may take 6+ months to render it with 600 samples quality. I am having i9, 10gen, 32GB Ram and RTX 2060.

I have successfully completed 2 minutes video, created within 2 months. I have attached a draft version of my animation, and also attached a screenshot from my final render. I am open to suggestions and criticism. All Story credit goes to Chris Jones. THE MUSIC IS JUST TO FOLLOW STORY, LATER I WILL MAKE MY OWN MUSIC AND SOUNDS FOR THIS ANIMATION.

  • There are many things missing like storms, butterflies etc etc. which I will add in final render.

I will really appreciate your suggestions and criticism on this :slight_smile:

Here you can see some screenshots from my final render, I have also included creature which I am gonna use.

Alternative link.

Here I also need suggestions should I go for day or evening time.

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your inspirational story. This is very meaningful for me right now because before reading your story I am stuck after finishing learning blender how to start working on any theme.

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you liked it. If you want to make character animations, make sure you use video references to easily animate your character. Start from simple, like walk cycle, running, jump…You can find video reference on youtube and If you are interested in making a short film, I will recommend you to follow any animation which you like and remake it. Believe me, you will learn a lot in the process and also publish it on youtube, you will get feedback from artists and you will be able to track your progress.

Thank a lot for explanation the process.

Hi. It is nice to see someone with patience for animation. Congrats on getting this far. I watched your film preview.

I see some Z fighting I think in the book but mostly the flickering sidewalk. Did you make those models? You can try going to edit mode > A and the M > merge by distance and lower the distance until it clears up.

I like the daytime mood. Take the character without glasses.

I think the umbrella part is not right yet. I thought it was a large leaf that fell on the back of his neck - but no it was a small umbrella that expands. He can maybe pick up the umbrella leaning against something and keep the physical realism without scaling it. There could be thunder and then he looks up at the sky and expands the umbrella right away.

But really good seeing the whole picture: sounds cinematography etc. and not getting bogged down in making all the models or rendering, etc.

I’m not familiar with the original film but can get an idea from this.

Here is the umbrella idea:


Thanks, Man. I am glad you liked it. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate that. The flickering issue is due to the render in the workbench, but I will try to fix it. And you are right about the Umbrella part, I will work on this and will try to improve it. I actually used shape keys to open and close umbrella and used scaling to change umbrella size. Yes, I have a plan to take the character without glasses. I will surely look into your suggestions and will try to improve the animation.

The fact that if the flickering doesn’t appear in the final render, then of course shows you that it is OK to ignore it possibly on your own project. The fact that it is flickering in workbench would bother me to fix it, but again this may be getting bogged down and you can instead improve other parts. This may actually be the strength of yours to get through the project without fixing the things that don’t matter.

Hey Sana_Ullah, I can’t find the link to the draft version of your animation … Is the link broken?

Here is the link for video.

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A promising start! :+1: That could be beautiful! A long-term project, still a lot of work to do (I know the original) I wish you a lot of courage and perseverance!

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Yep, the original film is beautiful. Thanks for the support :slightly_smiling_face: