Need suggestions about how to start learning to texture

I have recently created a few models that I feel like are good enough to be textured.I’m tired of using procedural textures straight from blender. I have no idea where to start though when it comes to creating my own textures in photoshop or gimp.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Any websites that have tutorials that teach how to texture something and the techniques behind it?

Thanks in advance

i am too trying to learn texturing but i have stived hard to find few tuts so i wud like to give away them to you:-

  1. blender cookie has some tutorials regarding UV unwrapping.
    one of them is this:-

  2. yeah its kinda difficult to start texturing stuff in photoshop but here are best tutorials i found on net:-

these are mainly to pain meatal texture but u know realistic metals are hardest thing to paint in my view.

additionally if u need more help, i can help u live (yeah free) just add me to ur skype (my skype name is itqan.ullah) and i can try to solve ur problems & help u texture stuff. im always happy to help.

Thank you so much links. I have been using blendercookie for quite some time so I am familiar with their content (and rather happy that Wes and Johnathan are running this site now too) but I haven’t ever seen the other too links

it took me lot of googling to find them…
they arent much related to blender but u since u need help with texturing and not UV mapping that shud help if u can fololw them without having much of trouble. you might to be somewhat fimiliar with photoshop in order to follow them.

Also, don’t forget about nDo - a great normal map generator for Photoshop, that allows you to “draw” normal maps.

Couple of nice texture creation tutorials:

For some excellent texturing tutoring, I recommend cgmaster’s environment modeling and texturing tutorial:
I know it costs money, but it is well spent. He covers modern realtime texturing techniques, such as normal map creation from a high-poly object to a low poly object, AO maps, light mapping, baking, etc. It is to the point, and is quite current in approach.

And: if you want to learn how to texture right, you must learn how to setup lighting correctly. They go hand in hand.

@Herbert123 thanxx man those tuts u gave r cool too. i probably didnt find them while googling.
k anyway thanxx again

Those look like nice links I’ve been looking around for some simmilar resources so I appreciate this.