Need SVG Export functionality for combination Freestyle and solid render

Need SVG Export functionality for combination Freestyle and solid render

Hi fellow Blender artists. Jake here. I recently released an animated infographic ( that uses Blender heavily for visualizations. I’d like to release this type of project in animated SVG format instead of the antiquated, very limiting animated GIF format.

The illustrations need to be rendered in a combination of Freestyle and solid, like what you see in that infographic.

I am well aware of SVG Writer by Tamito Kajiyama ( Exporting as Bezier curves instead of true 3D is probably ideal…unless 3D would be a smaller file size. The problem is that SVG Writer is a bit over my head. Instead of diving into code, I’d like the SVG exporter to simply render the scene exactly as it is from the settings I’ve already chosen.

So, am I in way over my head here? Or can any Blender programmers help me out? I’ve posted this in the paid section because I intend to shell out some bucks if SVG export directly from Freestyle can become a reality for me.

If you’re into coding, you could do a “Crushinator”, watch this:

It’s basically a sprite with animation frames, but the image data is sort of compressed

Dunno if that’s an option, your current page with these awesome illustrations is kinda giant. We more code, you could just draw the animation where it needs to be.

Best engine demonstration evar!!! Well done. Blender!? Freestyle!? Inkscape?? See if T.K. has any suggestions, as he wrote the SVG exporter component for Freestyle.

Tamito is the person who wrote the SVG Writer plugin, and has his email at the bottom of the plugin page, but it’s a little confusing the way he spelled it out so I’m not sure if it arrived. Is there a better way to get in touch with him?