need the basics

not new to blender, but never used any python scripts. is there a step by step tutorial on how to download them, install into blender, and then use them? or could someone give me the quick run down?

i’m on windows vista if it matters…

Downloading scripts is very easy. All you have to do is find/make a script (they’re just text files), save it to some location on yuor computer, (it doesn;t matter where, just make sure you can find it, it’s easier if you make a folder for them somewhere, though admittedly, I still have yet to do that, I just throw them all into the Blender folder with all my .blend files).

Scripts do not have to be installed, because they’re just text files.

To use a script, first open the text editor window. Then, click “Text” at the bottom right of the window. Click “open”, and find the script you saved somewhere. Then, assuming it isn’t a script meant to be used in the game engine, you just press alt + p. If it’s meant to be used in the game engine, see this thread:

Alternatively, you can use the scripts window. In this window, there are some scripts that come prepackaged with blender. You can also place new scripts here, but I’m not sure how. I rarely use the scripts window; you can do the exact same thing with the text editor window.