Need to create Material for glowing stone

I need to create a bright glowing stone material…like one you see in fantasy or sci-fi films. I already created a model but can’t put appropriate material.
Something like this material.
Any idea what shaders i should use? and I’ll be using Cycles.

Bunch of particles with emission material included in glass sphere or something?
See here to borrow some ideas.

No no not that, just the big glowing stone. let me specify… have seen the orbs in Tron the film? I need emission like that.

“Glow” comes out of compositing then. Or you have particles - dust, wapour (hard to do, taking time and pc resources)- then it’ll be “natural”, or artifically via compositor, separating bright parts and applying blur, glare, combining back with image.

You can use the emission material in cycles, mix two of them with different emission settings. Also you can try using the new ambient occlusion shader for extra glow onto objects

yes, the emmission shader can do the job. Here’s an example, with a mixing of emission and diffuse shader, you can then adjust the ammount of glowing you want.

The thing that most people think of when they think “glow” is actually a post-processing effect using blur.

I entertained doing this rock

[ATTACH=CONFIG]209007[/ATTACH]and this?

So that everybody agrees, I used the 2 kinds of glow (Light and post-processing) in a quick imitation of your reference image.

Here is the blend for Blender 2.65 and Cycles, of course: MermaidPendant.blend (1.08 MB)

Yeah! I really have too much free time… :smiley:

Wow, it looks cool! But the picture is so small, I can hardly see the nodes.

Good grace! Ingenious! Let me learn from your nodes :smiley:

But before I checked out the thread, I did a little node editing myself and it turned out to be a calm but glowing
transparent object.
Here -

Sorry for the quality, only 300 passes!

Here is my result

And here is the node setup.

Here the file:joia2.blend (960 KB)
I simplified the nodes.

would you share how you modeled the chains? ^^ they are so cool ^^

Tanks @EscapedNight. The chains are formed by four pairs of two mirrored chains.
1st Mesh simple without faces.
2nd Mirror
3rd Shrinkwrap only the internal vertices
4th Array with an empty offset at 90 º
5th Add modifiers
6th Final Editions
7th Skin modifier and subdivision


can you explain the composite node with cycles here

is there any good doc on this method?
what are these ID mask?


This video has some very useful tips about composition.