Need to find a cloud service

Hi everyone! My PC is not that powerful, and i need to use a cloud service to render my Blender and Vray-standalone jobs. I gave a look at many cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Azur, but they seems very difficult to configure. Any idea of whay I should do? Thanks

Try searching for “render farm”. There are a number of cloud services that you just upload your source files and they render on their cloud system. is one that supports doing .blend files. (disclaimer, I have never used these services.)

As for using Amazon, Google, or Azur directly, there are a few projects that I’ve seen for building your own Blender farm with those providers, but as you noted, it is complex.

Thanks for the recommendation, kastoria!

We can indeed render anything related to Blender, and we happen to have support for V-Ray standalone in beta. You can give it a spin, and if you have any questions just send us a message at the support address.