need to make a mesh that is oblong round like a jelly bean

I would like to do a simple cartoon using a oblong mesh that is rounded and oblong. I tried using the 3-D sphere, but it comes with different size faces, hope I am asking this right. I will try to put a sample, but do not know how to add a attachment.

just use the subsurface modifier at level 2 then shift around your vertexes to get the shape, and apply the modifier.

That is exactly what I want, is there a way that you can email me a blender file of that mesh, I love it…I am not lazy, just anxious. my email is [email protected]…I thank you

If you can not email me, just tell me how you started to that get shape.

Modron, I think I got it. I made the cube to subdivision 2 and applied it, I will work with that, but I wanted less faces, is there a way to do less faces, or should I only divide it one time?

don’t apply the modifier

try turning the subsurf modifier down to 1 instead of 2