Need train simulation work done

Hi all,

I hope you can help, i am after a video/simulation/modelling of a freight train moving away from standstill with a wheel chock under the wheel. It will derail due to the obstruction which is what happens.

Then i want the same vid but with a compressible block and the train rides up and over and doesnt derail.

This will be used for a promo video for my business.

Deadline negotiable.

Would like the finished product to similiar quality to this. I am told the developer used blender.

Fee to be negotiated.


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It says the video you linked is unavailable

link does not work

Hmm for me it says watch on Y…T… and then it works…
Maybe it’s because of the newer y…t… link format…?? This is the channel…

Seems to also not embbed a preview image…

Sounds like they disabled embedding on that video.

Apologies, ive updated link

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