Need Video Capture Software for Making Blender Tutorials - Made One!-->Crits plz

I am deciding to make a video tutorial.
I have tried a bunch of video capture software, and while some where better than others, i was never really please with any of them.
That said does anyone know a good video capture software and what codecs would be best that capture in good quality, and give a low sized file?

I currently have Cam Studio, and front cam.

I use Screen Recorder Gold with xVid codec. It works well, but sometimes it will fail to encode the audio on exit. Like after a long, long capture of 60 minutes or more. It has not happened in a while, but it does happen on occasion.

I use AVIScreen Classic.

But “good quality” & “low size” are oil & water. :slight_smile: I’d suggest capturing relatively high quality & then compressing it down in something else, after editing, etc.

And please, don’t say “um”, smack you lips & spend 5 minutes introducing yourself. :wink: If you really love people you’ll also include a transcribed copy. :smiley:

Thanks, guys,but i guess I should have been more clear.
I would like one that doesnt require registration and has that watermark throughout the whole video. :s

And please, don’t say “um”, smack you lips & spend 5 minutes introducing yourself.
Haha, ill try not to, and would never spend 5 minutes introducing myself, (I would have to do it in 10 :smiley: lol )

Personally when I record a video, I prefer ‘uh’ instead of ‘um’… Unless I’m passing gas while recording:p…

I use CamStudio, but I’ve really had to fight with the settings to get it to work right, mainly A/V sync problems. After I figured that out, I was left with large file sizes, so I’ve been converting them with VirtualDub and the Xvid codecs… Seems to work good. I’ll be recording one soon, will update how that goes.


I use cam studio version 2.6. You can build it from svn at their sourceforge site here:

svn co  camstudio

It has support for multiple monitors and can highlight your clicks.

The frames per second of your capture will reflect the speed of your computer.

I’d also suggest recording your audio & video separately, then putting them together when you’ve recorded them. That gives you more control over the final product.

Hey guys, thank you very much for all of your suggestions!
I have tried Cam Studio once again, but I had a whole lot of problems, I have tied a bunch more, and none really worked(I had problems with video + audio, then just audio, then all the generated files where corrupted, and so on and so forth) :frowning:
However, when I refreshed this page, up on the top, there was an ad about screen capture software, and i immediately recognized the logo(i have used their free file converter program before, but it turned out to be a trial…:(), so i clicked on the link and it took me here ( )
I downloaded it and I am very happy with it. I used the Xvid codec, as suggested and tested 1 minute of capturing. I did this on 2 settings, one gave me a 3.45Mb file and the other gave me a 2.27Mb file (both .avi as suggested) Video quality is superb, as well as sound, for that size, at least that is what I thought!
Now the only thought on my mind is that this is not a trial, but a stripped down version from the Professional one… I guess we will see…well i will…
So far I am very happy with this program :slight_smile:

So I am curious, did any of you had any experience with this program, is it a trial or is it really free? Share your thoughts, let it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to try to make the tut, so ill tell y’all when I am done!

Hey all!
So, I have made the Light Glow tutorial. Now this was my first tutorial, so I would very much like to know how I did. I am not too happy with it myself for some reason, but it may be just my imagination…

So tell me what you think. Is it helpful? Did you learn something from it? Is it Boring, or is it an automatic sleep maker, or was it engaging enough that you dont fall asleep? Anything else that you want me to improve on next time(if there is a next time). I was actually thinking of redoing it again, but apparently it takes me 40 minutes for the tutorial, so i am a little hesitant. So should I remake it?

Well here is the link, hopefully it is informative!

Let me know what your thoughts are!

Watched the video tute, looks good, but I don’t know about the length. Then again, as the video streams in, you can advance the position, so I don’t think it’s any big deal.

But I really want to know what you think of this software. I just tried making a video tutorial with cam studio, and it keeps puking on me. I think the problem is my video tutorial is too long for cam studio to handle properly, it works fine for 20-25 min videos, but mine is stretching up to 40mins on this current one.

So let me know what you think of this software, please.

Yeah…lenght is a problem apparently, lol, cuz someone mentioned this in another thread…

As for Cam Studio, it would be fine if it actually worked lol

But the one that I have the “Debut Video Capture Software” has so far been only amazing, again my only hope is that it is not a 30 day trial, but just a stripped down version of the professional edition… But i have doubts. But we will se after 30 days I guess!

DDD have you tried that debut video capture software recently…I just did, after maybe a month after install… it pops up telling me I need to purchase a license, my free trial has expired. I freaking hate when software companies don’t tell you upfront that it’s a trial you are downloading, and nowhere did I notice mention of this software only being a trial package. I also wasn’t very happy with this software in that if you clicked on a feature, it ran to the internet and downloaded it. While that might be nice, what did it download, more trial software I had to buy a license for?

I may buy this software, it was nice, but I dislike how it was not mentioned right out in the open that it was a trial software package. Personally, I think that is a bit dishonest, not specifically stating it is trial software upfront, so now I have a hard time forking over cash to a software company that wasn’t upfront about their software…

Just my thoughts,

have you tried gtk-recordmy desktop?
The only problem is I think it exports to .ogg, and for a second at the start and end they show the program, but with video editing it would be easy to cut out.

Thanks for the suggestion Cire792, but I’m on windows… :mad: