Need Wings - Freelance


I’m looking for someone to create some angel wings to incorporate into a composite image I am creating. I’ve been looking for usable stock images and 3d models but have had no luck, so I would like to find someone who can create them for me.

Fee is negotiable.


Hello, I have made a pair of angel wings before, so I’m interested in this project. But I do have a question: would the wings have to be very photo realistic? You can find some of our work at:
I can pm you with our rates and estimated time for project finish, if you wish to engage our services.
Ethan J. Biller, representing The Sick Charm Syndicate

Yes they would need to be as realistic as possible, thanks

I was actually working on a pair of angel wings already :wink:
I assume you want the feathers to be white?

Any novice blender user should be able to follow this tutorial and give you angel wings in 2 hours

Yes and no. You can follow a tutorial but without a clear understanding of why and what you are doing, the result will not be so good.

One set white, one set black, in the same image.

I see, well that isn’t hard :3 (I assume you are fine with a CC-BY-SA license? (or at least CC-BY))