Need Your Brains People :D

Hi Guys

I am a complete newb to rigging and i need some help.

I have attached a screen of my current project and i would like to rig the character on the right, “The one with the open mouth.” I want his rest pose to match that of the character on the left " closed mouth etc "

Now when i started this little guy i deformed the initial mesh to get the open jaw result that i wanted. and am now currently rigging. and it is going horribly, legs and tail are easy, but i want the head in the aforementioned position. can anyone point me in the right direction?

The current setup i have gives OK results, will i have to use shape keys? to get it perfect?
Any Suggestions on Rigs or Tutorials i can have a look at ?

much appreciated


have you tried “set pose as rest pose”?
I’ve never used this function but it sounds like what you’re trying to accomplish…

also YES … its probably a good idea to use shapekeys to “tweak” the mesh for each pose… you could even have those shapekeys influenced by the bones angle… meaning muscles that move semi realistically…

(it can also greatly improve the character of more “cartoony” styles of character allowing for much more exaggerated movements.)

Thanks Lgowans

have you tried “set pose as rest pose”?

I will be doing that once i can get the Deformations i want. Once done do i then create shape keys after i have set to rest pose? and edit the mesh for the “base” shape key?

it has Dawned on me that i forgot to take the Bone Rotation into account and that is what is deforming the mesh a bit too much “note the character center line is rotating” so i am going to have to be careful which bones rotate so much.