Needed more than 3 WEEKS for this image! Hope you like it!

I needed more than 3 WEEKS for this image! Hope you like it!

This is my first big render! I wanted to create something interesting and mysterious. How many Spiders can you see in this picture?:stuck_out_tongue:

rendertime: ~2 Days
Softwares: Blender, gimp

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No Idea what’s going on, but it’s very nice. The material on the Crystal looks fancy. I see three spiders, but I might have missed some.

Yeah, I really wanted to create something cool looking. There is no really message behind this Image :slight_smile:

(Sorry for bad english)

Thank You! I wanted to create something cool looking. There isnt really a Story behind that Image.:wink:

PS: There are actually 4 Spiders in the Image. (One is on the top of the Picture)

(Sorry for bad english)

I like it! It seems you got a nice material for the stone, with the right opaque quartzish feel.
I’d like to see an unblurred version, maybe you can take a screenshot of the 3D view, and a not postprduced one, just to see the things directly.

models (first image)
un-postprocessed final Image (second image)
earlier Version with an unblurred Background (third image)

(dont be confused by the Background. its because of the Alpha. In the third Image I tried to simulate rain, so the background looks black):stuck_out_tongue:

Great materials! Great modeling! Great lighting and composition! Just don’t know whats going on though. Perhaps there doesn’t need to be an explanation but a story goes a long way to add interest, And this piece looks like theres something going on. Also, I really wish that spider on the crystal wasn’t motion blurred out. If the other 2 were instead, I feel the crystal would stand as focal point way more. Thats my biggest critique. I love this image. Very nice work.

Wait is that a giant Spider in the background? :confused:

Thank you for your tips! I really appreciate it!:wink:

Thank you for the screens! Great job.
You put great effort in all those details in the background!!!
I can’t understand why it looks so realistic. I mean in comparison to other renders.
Good work