Needing a 3D Modeller


I’m currently looking for a 3D Modeller who could help model some stuff for me, please give me a reply for full details!


What sort of model do you need? Game, film, product render? More info would be very helpful.

hi im interested
But im not a character modeller I can model other stuff though

It depends what you want. I create characters, so if you need characters then I will be happy to help!

I’m an experienced modeler and could help you, my portfolio:

email me or drop me a dm :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m a generalist, mostly in archviz and furniture modeling. What exactly do you need? Portfolio -

Hello. I make objects, locations, robots and creatures… and stuff too. Examples in signature.

i model landscapes and racetracks, i texture them as well, along with basic modeling skills and ability to bake hi res textures

random props/objects as well

I’ve sent you a private message.

I might be interested in this, my fields are character creation and environment design, Pm if interested.

HI, please have a look at our blender showreel

hello! i model and rig charaters , vehicles for videogames , and im a pro designer for jewelery and i am also into architectural renderings! pm me if interested! :slight_smile:

Yup I would love to…

I am interested and can I do good models

her my works

I model Iron Man style combat suits. I already made 2 now: A regular infantry version and a much lighter stealth and recon version.

Hi im a modeller, here my porpholio